Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ive Decided...

that I shall be writing a shit ton of stuff from now on. heres to another night sitting alone in bed. another night wishing i had friends. another night hoping that something will dramatically change my life tomorrow for the better. another night hoping to get a call back from some kind of company for a job. another dreamless night. another night trying to talk to people who dont even want to talk back. another night wishing i could find happiness. another night where sleep only comes when i want it too. i dont know why i am writing i only know that i am writing. if no one will listen, then hear ye blog. you shall be my eternal listener for you will never lie to me, cheat on me, make me false promises. you will never be a tough world. heres to mary jane, shes always listened and held me when i needed her most. shes never abused me or treated me wrong. i wish there was a woman out there like mary jane. every time i use her she helps me in some way shape or form. whether its to calm me for sleep or to bring friends together. i wish someone would just fall into my life and fit perfectly. i wish things were easier, but not just for me, for everyone.

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